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Thanks for writing this newsletter. I think this is a timely and important work that you are doing. I also like along with research how you are incorporating personal anecdotes. I think that is very important. It is not always about the data and the charts.

Regarding the affordability and the price tag. What do you think the role of public research support funding? NSF and NIH in the US and there are similar national and international organizations around the world that funds pharmaceutical research. These outputs should be treated as public good. You are probably familiar with Marianna Mazzucato(

https://marianamazzucato.com/books/the-entrepreneurial-state). She makes a strong case for thinking about public investment in innovation. We cannot rely on Silicon Valley and Big Pharma for this and she provides examples where public sector was more innovative than the private sector. Something to think about. "According to conventional wisdom, innovation is best left to the dynamic entrepreneurs of the private sector, and government should get out of the way. But what if all this was wrong? What if, from Silicon Valley to medical breakthroughs, the public sector has been the boldest and most valuable risk-taker of all?"

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