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I don't know what to say, other than thank you for writing about this problem, and you have my deepest sympathy for your situation.

I'm an old person in the US and truly do not see any path out of the place this country finds itself. Healthcare is only one of the problems, though it is a particularly fraught one.

Good luck (as you point out, that's way too important in getting medical treatment),

take care,

wish I could help.

- Rick

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Come to Canada. It ain’t perfect but it ain’t Bartertown either.

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I didn’t find this boring at all, I found it cathartic. I’ve been going through a similar thing for several different medical issues ever since September, and I still don’t have what I’ve been trying to get. I also have depression, and it honestly makes it worse. The constant phone calls, the sinking feeling that nobody cares enough to help, the loneliness. I’ve been told by multiple people within the system that I’ll be fine, because I can self advocate better than most people they see. I hear that, and look around at the nothing it has got me, and am infuriated. It does make you feel so incompetent though. Like your goal is a mirage that at first seemed certain but you can’t figure out how to get there anymore, or if it’s possible.

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